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Alex Dilling Hunter Chicken Mold


A high-quality silicone mold with the shape of Alex Dilling’s “Hunter Chicken” Dish. The mold contains 1 shape and is 100% food grade silicone. The mold can withstand a temperature between -40 °C and +200 °C. The mold is therefore suitable for both the (shock) freezer and the oven.

Size per shape: 7 x 13.3 x 3.9 cm
Number of shapes: 1 pc
Weight: 0.24 kg

NL/BE (1-3 business days)
Europe (3-5 business days)
Worldwide (4-10 business days)

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Inside the package, you'll find your new product carefully wrapped in our exclusive packaging paper, along with a personal thank-you card. We'd love it if you shared your culinary creations with us - it always brings a smile to our faces! Additional you’ll find a hardcopy recipe card by chef Alex Dilling with the recipe for his famous “Hunter Chicken” dish.

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Do It Yourself!

The famous 'Hunter Chicken' dish created by Chef Alex Dilling, former head chef of The Greenhouse** in London, is now accessible to everyone with our custom mold. Alex, known as one of the most technically skilled chefs in the world, collaborated with us to create this unique mold for his signature dish. Now, home cooks can achieve the same level of precision and presentation as Alex with the help of this mold. With the purchase of this mold, you will receive a complete recipe to create this masterpiece in your own kitchen.


About the chef

Chef Alex Dilling was the former chef of the renowned restaurant The Greenhouse** in London. Alex is considered one of the most technically skilled chefs in the world. When Alex came up with his idea for the ‘Hunter Chicken’ mold he asked us to help him out. Many of you could only guess how this amazing dish was made, the secret: a lot of skill, perseverance and a little help of a custom mold.

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