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Stijn Sommerdijk


Joost Sommerdijk

3D Designer

Nour Yaaqobi


Vivian Aalbers

Senior Production

Elena Merdjanova


Colin Roelofs

3D Designer

Luuk Lepoutre

Senior Production

Nick Kleevens

Production Employee

Jasper van Noort

Intern Food & Business

Jeroen Jansink

Production Employee

Lukas Freriks

Production Employee

Timo Wessels

Our MoldBrothers & Sisters have a clear mission: support and surprise food professionals with top-of-the-line quality and the best creative ideas.

Our young and dynamic team brings passion and enthusiasm to every project so that new ideas and concepts can take root. We know what we stand for and aren’t afraid to show it. We are obsessed with the quality of our products and this is reflected in everything we do. Together with you, we want to have a lasting impact on the future of food shaping.


Michelin-Starred Chefs

More than 200 Michelin-starred chefs across the globe use our products to create the most stunning dishes.


Countries Worldwide

From Dubai to the exotic beaches of the Maldives, the MoldBrothers family is becoming increasingly international.


Custom Products

Here are some examples of custom products we’ve designed for our customers. Do you have an idea for a dish? Your concept is our point of departure. Together, we can take your idea to the next level!


IG Followers

Our Instagram community is growing by the minute, and it is something which makes us very proud. We hope to see you in our feed soon!

From PlayStation to workstation

Partners in dine

MoldBrothers family

Bringing about a revolution is a joint effort. Without creative chefs, there wouldn’t be any input. Without input, there is limited output. Bouncing ideas off each other is what leads to the most effective outcomes. After all, the best concepts are born through collaboration. At MoldBrothers, we communicate and brainstorm with chefs and gastronomic partners until we crack the idea that works best for a specific dish. Our MoldBrothers & Sisters work closely with chefs, pâtissiers and hospitality professionals to build a new future!

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