MoldBrothers develops your next best dish with these techniques


Thanks to a plate stencil, you can easily apply any design, pattern, or text to a flat surface in your dish.


This Drop shaped 3D mold with filling can be produced in various shapes and preparations.


With a tuille, you can add unprecedented details to your dish. Geometric, natural, or a combination of both.


These Buñuelos can be produced in any shape. The wooden underlying presentation is also fully customizable.


These brass stamps gradually warm up when held. Simply stamp an ice block with a pattern or image.


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Looking for a custom product that fits your unique vision, idea, or recipe? Look no further! MoldBrothers got everything that it takes to bring out the best of your creativity. Whether you know exactly what you want or need help bringing your wildest ideas to life, we’ve got you covered. Just fill out our Custom Product Request form and let’s get started!

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Leaf Dessert – 212 – Richard van Oostenbrugge


The Amsterdam-based restaurant 212 by Richard van Oostenbrugge is known for its boundless hospitality and extremely high quality in gastronomy. This particular dish came about from a specific request: to create a dessert that incorporates the veins of the stone, leaf-shaped plate. The key ingredients for this dessert were chocolate, juniper berries, and raw cocoa beans.

We digitized the leaf-shaped plate down to the most minute details. Together, we determined that a sleek, geometric shape would provide a surprising contrast to the natural look of the dessert. The resulting rectangle fits perfectly on the plate, creating an aesthetic spectacle that is as delicious to look at as it is to eat.

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¾ Quenelle – De Librije – Nelson & Noah


When De Librije comes knocking at your door, you’ve got to be on top of your game. Their request was very clear: “Please make a mold in the shape of a ¾ quenelle, and leave the rest to us.” Nelson and Noah added: “Trust us, just make it and you’ll see what we mean.”

So we set to work without exactly understanding what they had in mind. The dish turned out to be phenomenal, with ¼ of the mold’s cavity holding the garnish. Normally quenelles can only be scooped. The extra cavity in the mold makes it possible to fill them.

As a result, the (animal-friendly) foie gras can be served in a creative and well-proportioned manner. The combination of foie gras, North Sea shrimp and tomato has become one of De Librije’s signature dishes.

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Dionysos Mold – Zout & Citroen – Bram Helleman


Chef Bram Helleman contacted MoldBrothers to talk about a dish he wanted to create featuring nectar and ambrosia, the food and drink of the Greek gods. Bram Helleman wanted our input to design a dish around these ingredients.

We suggested to pair nectar and ambrosia with the following ingredients:

– Honey, as a symbol of fertility and life
– Truffles, as a symbol of divine luxury and opulence
– Fruit, as a symbol of growth, freshness and taste

But we needed one more element to reinforce this sumptuous spectacle of flavor. In Greek mythology, Dionysos is the god of wine and festivity. To immortalize him, we created a custom mold. The final result was a dish that incorporated an impressive pallet of ingredients, made with our honey mold and the Dionysos custom mold.

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Phenylethylamine Stencil – Sola Restaurant – Victor Garvey


Victor Garvey, Sola’s virtuoso chef, had a very specific request. He wanted to create a dessert containing phenylethylamine, a substance released in the body when people are in love. The challenge was to create a dessert that produces a similar sense of euphoria.

Phenylethylamine is not only produced in the body, but it is also found in a wide range of foods such as chocolate, banana and caramel. (This is why chocolate-eating gives us such a buzz.) The substance is present in porcini mushrooms, too. The custom tuille that we developed is the chemical representation of a phenylethylamine molecule.

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As you can see in these other tasty custom examples: almost anything is possible. Together, we can create the uttermost impossible. Shall we?