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The MoldBrothers Test Kitchen was created to always stay connected with the kitchen. It is our gastronomic test lab to generate inspiration and ensure that all our products provide the ultimate experience. For chefs, and by chefs. Together we look for preparations that rub against the edge of impossible, but always produce amazing results.


The goal

Ensure that everything has been thought of at the chefs level. From accessibility and presentation to taste combinations and telling your story.

The testing

We make sure that our products stay creative and refreshing. We put them to the test, try new variants and we test how easy they are to use.

Show and tell

Through our Test Kitchen, we show our community how to make unique preparations. We also share our best recipes and most beautiful creations.

It’s a wrap!

Presentation and experience are indispensable in the gastronomic world. Our Test Kitchen contains the best studio gear for capturing just that!


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Our Test Kitchen ensures that we stay close to the fire. We test prototypes, final products, and complete dishes where everything comes together. From mise en place and presentation to cleaning and maintaining our molds. Get to know our entire range in one evening, while enjoying a full dining experience. Including the atmosphere that goes with it.

Are you coming to our kitchen? Let yourself be carried away in our mission to permanently change the world of food shaping. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them. Who knows, you may soon be sitting at our table

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